The Clubs & Societies department is the biggest (and definitely the most penguin-loving) department of UMSU. The Clubs & Societies Officers and Committee look after more than 200 clubs. This involves all the fun stuff: affiliating new clubs, approving grant applications, and providing training to help clubs manage their financial, administrative, and food and alcohol-related ways. If you have any issues or queries regarding club shenanigans (how to start a club, organise an event, fill out forms, or anything else) we’re the people to talk to, so feel free to drop in and have a chat!

How to Contact Us!

(03) 8344 4834
Come and see us Monday to Thursday, 10am to 4pm
First Floor, Building 168, University of Melbourne, 3010 VIC

Meet the Office

Gunter the Penguin

The Clubs and Societies Mascot
In a ‘complicated’ relationship with Tobias Trunke

Fiona Sanders 

The C&S Coordinator aka clubs administrator Sanders
The beating heart of the C&S department.

Melanie Gunton

C&S Administration Officer
Legend at getting things done when Fiona has too many questions to answer.

Azalea Rohaizam & Hanny Teja

C&S 2024 Office Bearers
These office bearers were elected to do all the fun things surrounding Clubs and Socities like promote the clubs program to students, create resources and support executives, organise the C&S Committee and reprsent clubs at Students' Council. 

The Amazing 2024 C&S Committee

  • Alessandra Negline (Catholic Society)
  • Zhuo Zhao (Embrace Education)
  • Patrick Irwin (Liberal Club) 
  • Ezra Liu (Accounting Students Society)
  • Leon Paratz (Society for Astronomy)
  • Clarita Youkanna (Pre-Law Society)
  • Esther Luk (Ring of Choir)

These dedicated individuals were elected at the 2023 Clubs' Council to be your voice in the department.

Clubs Committee Minutes