Clubs and Societies Committee

The aims and objectives of the Clubs & Societies Department include:

(a)    to assist in offering Students a vibrant university experience through the formation of clubs and societies;
(b)    to oversee the registration and affiliation of clubs and societies to enable Students to access facilities, funding, grants and subsidies; and
(c)    to encourage the active involvement of Students in clubs & societies.

Current Membership

The Clubs & Societies Committee consists of the Clubs & Societies Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. Members of the C&S Committee are elected by affiliated club representatives at an annual meeting of the Clubs Council, separate to the general UMSU elections. The current members of the committee are:

Clubs & Societies Officers 

Kimmy Ng & Renee Thierry

Voting Members 

Azalea Rohaizam

Bayden Hill

Marcie Di Bartolomeo

Michael Belbruno

Olivia Whyte

Patrick Irwin

Ruby Zheng

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