Common Questions

I'm new to!

I missed the Clubs Carnivals at O Week – how do I know what clubs there are?
  • Check the listings on our website and contact the clubs you are interested in.
  • Find a Clubs Guide – they’re in the brochure stands all over campus.
I want to join a club, how do I do it?
  • Email the club or find them on Facebook (details online or in the Guide).
  • Go to their first event and say hi! You can join at most club events, and you get to go along and see what they’re like first.
I'm a student and I tried to buy an Associate Membership but I can't. What's going on?

Associate Memberships to Clubs are only available to non-University of Melbourne Students. But you can buy a standard membership! 

Whoops, I accidentally purchased an Associate Membership instead of a Standard Membership to a Club, what do I do?

If you've accidentally purchased an Associate Membership please contact us and include:

  • the receipt
  • the email you used to login to the UMSU site  
  • Student ID 
  • your full name. 
I signed up online to a club, but haven’t paid the membership fee yet/they haven’t emailed me yet/I don’t know when the first event is.

So, a lot of clubs had a really hectic O Week, and quite a few had camps over the weekend. Make sure you like their Facebook page and hold tight – they’ll get back to you after they do their data entry! If you’ve not heard from them in a week or 2, chuck them an email.

What is that strange place on the Ground Floor of Union House that is called Clubs and Societies? Can I join all the clubs there?

No, you cannot join a club there.

Clubs & Societies (C&S) is where all the admin for clubs happens – so all the grant paying, AGM and financial administration and training – all funded by UMSU. Unless you’re a club executive, it’s probably not all that useful to you.

Where is my club’s office?

Most clubs on campus don’t have their own office. There are a few notable exceptions (mainly faculty clubs) but the best way to contact the clubs is through their Facebook or email.

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