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Joining a Club or Society

I missed the Clubs Expo at Summerfest or Winterfest  – how do I know what clubs are available to join?

Check the listings on our website to contact the clubs you are interested in.

I want to join a club, how do I do it?

You can join any club right here on the website. You can also find them on Facebook or Instagram, or you can go to their first event and say hi! 

I'm not a student at Unimelb but I still want to join a club?

If you aren’t an enrolled student, fear not! You can still get access to our fabulous clubs and societies by purchasing a Non-Student Membership. You simply have to become a Guest – create a login here and then you can purchase the Non-Student Memberships (Associate memberships).


Did you know you have to give UMSU access to your data information on the Student Portal. If you don't give UMSU access and your Club membership will become inactive and any membership fees you paid cannot be refunded. 

I'm a student and I tried to buy an Associate Membership but I can't. What's going on?

Associate Memberships to Clubs are only available to non-University of Melbourne Students. But you can buy a Student membership! 

Whoops, I accidentally purchased an Associate Membership instead of a Standard Membership to a Club, what do I do?

If you've accidentally purchased an Associate Membership please contact us and include:

  • the receipt
  • the email you used to login to the UMSU site  
  • Student ID 
  • your full name 
I signed up online to a club, but they haven’t emailed me yet/I don’t know when the first event is.

So, a lot of clubs had a really hectic O Week, and quite a few had camps over the weekend. Make sure you like their Facebook page and follow them on Instagram and hold tight – they’ll get back to you soon! If you’ve not heard from them in a week or 2, shoot them an email.

The website won't let me join a club.

Check out our extensive troubleshooting here, and if that does not help, complete the form on that page and we (do our best to) help you.


What is that strange place on the first floor of Building 168 that is called Clubs and Societies? Can I join all the clubs there?

No, you cannot join a club there. Clubs & Societies (C&S) is where all the admin for clubs happens – so all the grant paying, AGM and financial administration and training – all funded by UMSU. Unless you’re a club executive, it’s probably not all that useful to you.

Where is my club’s office?

Most clubs on campus don’t have their own office. There are a few notable exceptions (mainly faculty clubs) but the best way to contact the clubs is through their Facebook, Instagram or email. You can find these available on our clubs listing!

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