Activities Committee

The aims and objectives of the Activities Department include:

(a)    to oversee the social and recreational activities of UMSU;
(b)    to oversee orientation planning and activities;
(c)    to organise and promote events including, but not limited to, concerts, barbecues, balls and union nights for Students;
(d)    to liaise with Student organisations and bodies in order to expand, develop and co-ordinate the range of cultural events and social activities for Students; and
(e)    to liaise with the Arts Department, Union House Theatre and the MUDFest steering Committee to expand, develop and co-ordinate artistic activities for Students;

Current Membership

The Activities Committee consists of the Activities Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

Activities Officers

Bella Henry & Sami Zehir (Stand Up!)

Voting Members
Cate Holland Stand Up!
Darcy Dillon  Stand Up!
Fatima Ferdousi Community for UMSU
Ishita Ganeriwala Community for UMSU
Tillie Pinkney Stand Up!
Shubham Singh Community for UMSU
Patrick Bunney Community for UMSU


2022 Minutes

Meeting 1 - 25/02/2022  Minutes 1(22)

Meeting 2 - 24/03/2022 Minutes 2(22)

Meeting 3 - 21/04/2022 Minutes 3(22)

Meeting 4 - 

Meeting 5 - 13/07/2022 Minutes 5(22)

2021 Minutes

Meeting 1

Meeting 2 – 28/02/2021.  Minutes 2(21)

Meeting 3- 16/03/2021.  Minutes 3(21)

2020 Minutes

Activities Minutes 2020

2019 Minutes