Meet 'Chookas the Chicken'

Introducing ‘Chookas the Chicken’ the new UHT mascot ✨

So you've been seeing the purple chicken all over this website and on UHT merch - but why a purple chook, you ask? There is a very special history to this! 

Right before a theatre Opening Night, all the cast and crew tell each other ‘Chookas’ 🐣

But what does this strange tradition mean?  

In Australian theatre, we don’t wish each other ‘good luck’ because we are superstitious characters!  

Back in the 1900s, ‘chookas’ was exclaimed when a show was sold out meaning that the actors could afford a chicken dinner. This tradition has carried on to present times, and now it simply means ‘have an amazing season’.  

And thus, our ultra-amazing purple chicken ‘CHOOKAS’ was born. They are our resident brand ambassador and their main job is to dance, cluck and attend student theatre shows, festivals, and all our events to give out good vibes and wish all our students ‘chookas’! 🐥


‘Cluck. Cluck. CLUCK. CLUCK. CLUCK. CHOOKAS! Student Theatre. Cluck cluck. Amazing! Clu-cluck CHOOKAS. GREAT THEATRE. Cluck cluccck. LOVE. CHOOKAS!’ - Chookas