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Do Everything Now Before the World Ends: UHT Takes Audiences on an Electrifying Journey

Union House Theatre (UHT) tackled this relevant topic of the world’s impending end with bold, non-natural stylistic choices that transcended the audience beyond th

The Effect: Pulls You In—Hook, Line, & Sinker

Short Straw Theatre Company boasts a performance that keeps the audience on their toes the entire night. During climatic and volatile moments where the characters’ emotions are on an all-time high, the ent

Corpus Machina Collective’s “ICARUS”: An Exceptional Debut

ICARUS, takes the timeless myth of the same name to new heights. Corpus Machina Collective’s ICARUS follows the legend of Icarus almost to a tee, but set in a modern world with a range of chal

Sitzprobe: UMMTA’s Triumphant 2023 Showcase Takes to the Stage.

Walking into the Union Theatre to the sounds of assorted showtunes, theatre kids chatting eagerly and the tuning of the twelve-person band, signalled that UMMTA is back.

Flare’s Feast: A Treat For All The Senses That Leaves You Full and Content.

Feast, Flare Dance Ensemble’s 20th annual production, is a highly polished and entertaining performance that honours the more than two decades of Flare performances that have

An Enthralling Evening with ‘After She Left’

From the moment one stepped into the Guild Theatre, it became apparent that this production of After She Left was going to be a truly memorable experience unlike any other.

The Scarlet Sun: A Show You’d Kill To See

The Scarlet Sun had everything you could want in a whodunnit – an intense cast, twisting storyline, and catchy tunes that rattled around my brain for days after.