Tastings 2022

What is Tastings?

Tastings is an opportunity to develop new ORIGINAL SHORT WORKS. With the Creative Arts Department’s emphasis this year on revitalisation, renewal and reimagination of the arts, it is our vision for Tastings to support the artistic development of students and provide meaningful creative outcomes where artists will have developed skills that they can then take with them in future projects, and new works that they can work on after Tastings to become fully realised versions of their form, be it productions, exhibitions, films and more.

When is it?

This year, Tastings will run from 14-23 September.


Want to be a part of Tastings 2022? Applications are NOW OPEN! Whether you're an artist looking to make creative ideas and dreams become reality, or want to gain hands-on production experience, there's opportunities for all creatives to join our Tastings team in 2022! Click on the links below to apply now!