Contact Advocacy

The Advocacy Service operates on an empowerment model, where we seek to empower and equip students to deal with their matter themselves via the provision of policy and strategic advice as well as general feedback. Graduate, undergraduate, domestic and international students are welcome to use this free and confidential service.

If you haven’t already, please refer to our webpage resources and consider which University procedure your situation concerns (e.g. special consideration, academic misconduct etc.). If you’re unsure, we can advise you on this. 

It’s important to provide as much information about your situation as possible. This allows us to offer you immediate preliminary advice, and if necessary, to assess the best way to provide further assistance to you. If possible, please include the following in your contact form: 

  • Detailed information regarding your circumstances. 
  • Which University procedure your situation concerns.  
  • The steps you have taken to resolve it to date (if any). 
  • Any relevant documentation (e.g. letters that your faculty have sent you, copies of emails or other correspondence, and/or support documents from a health care practitioner, psychologist, or counsellor.) Please note: if you refer to an action the University has taken in your contact form (e.g. rejected your special consideration), it is important that you include any correspondence from the University on this matter. 

The Advocacy Service is primarily delivered by five full time professional advocates. The Service is available to over 60 000 enrolled students, so the demand on our Service can be extremely high at times. Our service is mostly run via email, telephone and Zoom - we have limited capacity to offer in-person meetings and it may not always be possible to accommodate such requests.

Please don’t forget to hit submit when you have filled out the form! You should receive a confirmation email after successful submission within 2 hours. We will prioritise urgent deadlines, but if your deadline is imminent and you have not received a response, please refer to the guidance on our webpages.