Apply to Tutor at VCESS


We regret to announce that VCE Summer School (VCESS) will not be running in January 2024. This website is kept updated with the latest information. If you would like to speak with someone, contact

Step 1: Learn About the Roles

The VCESS website contains useful information about what’s involved in tutoring at the program, and all of the special roles on offer. Everyone involved in the VCE Summer School is expected to be a Subject Tutor, but there are a wide range of additional roles for you to consider. 

You can apply for any role that interests you! We recommend checking out the Group Leader team if you're not sure where to start. 

White text on teal background says: About VCESS Subject Tutors.White text on orange background says: About VCESS Special Roles.White text on teal background says: Apply to Volunteer as a VCESS Tutor.

Step 2: Application Form  

Applying to tutor at VCESS involves a written application and an interview to meet the program directors. If you are offered a position at the program, you must attend a general tutor training event and any additional training for special roles as outlined by your position description.  

To be eligible to volunteer at VCESS, applicants must:  

  • obtain a Working With Children Check (WWCC) 

  • have completed at least six months of a tertiary program by January 2024  

  • be subject tutors in at least one subject  

  • attend the program in person at the University of Melbourne Parkville campus  

  • engage in all necessary training and meetings outlined by your role description  

More information about roles, including role descriptions, is available on our website. 

We encourage all applicants to apply for a FREE Working With Children Check as early as possible. The application is completely online for many people, and the card can be used for future volunteer roles too! You must provide VCESS your WWCC details before you start engaging with our students.

Step 3: Interview with the Directors 

The next stage of the application process is a 15-minute interview which will be held over Zoom (link sent the night before) or in-person (University of Melbourne Parkville campus). 

The interview is relaxed; you don’t need to give polished answers and you are welcome to ask for clarification or pause to think. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions at the end!  

To help you prepare for the interview, we’ve created a module on our website, which we highly recommend to new tutors and anyone who did not study the VCE. It includes: 

  • background on the VCE (the Victorian curriculum we teach to), VCESS (our program), and our mission to address educational disadvantage 

  • explanation of the roles on program, including our Special Roles 

  • guidance for the teaching demonstration, including four examples 

  • general interview tips to help you do your best 

Please also let us know in advance if you will require any support or accommodations for your interview. We are able to schedule longer times, find you an in-person timeslot, or organise other accommodations as needed! 

Step 4: Respond to your Offer 

Within two weeks of your interview, the Directors will email your application outcome. If successful, this will include the specific subjects and roles you have been offered and instructions to respond to your offer, including accepting or partially accepting the roles. 

The offer email contains important information about upcoming training, program plans and future communications. Read carefully to make sure you don’t miss future updates! It’s also time to provide your Working With Children Check details if you have not already.