Special Roles at VCESS


We regret to announce that VCE Summer School (VCESS) will not be running in January 2024. This website is kept updated with the latest information. If you would like to speak with someone, contact volunteering@union.unimelb.edu.au

All VCESS volunteers are Subject Tutors, but there are a wide range of additional 'Special Roles’ that can be held alongside subject tutoring. Volunteering in a Special Role team is a rewarding opportunity to develop skills and friendships outside the classroom, and support wellbeing, culture and logistics on program.

This page introduces the range of Special Roles in the program, including role descriptions and interviews with previous volunteers. If you are looking to learn more about the volunteer Subject Tutor role, check out our ‘Subject Tutoring at VCESS’ page. 

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Summary of Special Roles

Special Role 

Role Description 

Subject Coordinator – provides academic support for specific subjects 

Subject Coordinator role description (PDF)

Events Team - plans and delivers major events at the program 

Events Team role description (PDF) 

Events Coordinator role description (PDF)

Group Leaders - supports students through daily meetings and leading program activities 

Group Leader role description (PDF) 

Group Leader Coordinator role description (PDF)

Group Pod Leader role description (PDF)

Operations Team - assists students and tutors with logistics, access, and enquires on program 

Operations Team role description (PDF)

Operations Coordinator role description (PDF)

Residential Team - supervises and supports residential students while staying on campus 

Residential Team role description (PDF)

Residential Coordinator role description (PDF)

Tutor Support Officer (TSO) Team - provides ongoing support to tutors for lesson planning, teaching strategies or classroom management 

TSO Team role description (PDF)

TSO Coordinator role description (PDF)

Welfare Team - supports students and tutors with wellbeing and inclusion concerns, with three autonomous representative roles 

Welfare Team role description (PDF)

Welfare Coordinator role description (PDF)

Welfare Officer (Disability and Access Representative) role description (PDF)

Welfare Officer (People of Colour Representative) role description (PDF)

Welfare Officer (Queer Representative) role description (PDF)

Zine Team - creates and promotes the daily program publication and related media

Zine Editor role description (PDF)

Zine Coordinator role description (PDF)


Subject Coordinators 

Subject coordinators are tutors who have volunteered to write or update the subject booklet – a maximum of forty pages – and also teach at least one class in that subject. This booklet will be distributed to all students and tutors of the subject. 

Subject Coordinators should:  

  • have in-depth knowledge of their subject area  

  • have excellent communication and collaboration skills  

  • be organised and reliable  

  • attend the relevant training and attend Tutor Refresher Day 

Subject Coordinators are provided with subject booklets from the previous year (where available) and must also review any changes to the curriculum listed on the VCAA website. 

 The Subject Coordinator position can be held alongside any other Special Role. 

Events Team 

The Events Team is responsible for promoting a fun and positive culture at VCESS. Events team members:  

  • plan, organise, set up, deliver and promote all non-academic events during the program 

  • attend the relevant training and attend Tutor Refresher Day on 5 January  

The Events Coordinator is responsible for:  

  • running and managing the Events Team  

  • overseeing the planning and preparation for events before the program  

  • coordinating all non-academic events during the program  

The Events Coordinator must also fulfil the duties of an Events Team member. 

Group Leaders 

Group Leaders are responsible for delivering daily updates and relevant support to an assigned group of 8-10 students in a daily meeting and leading their group in activities. Group Leaders:  

  • act as key contact point for students during the program, and  

  • are crucial to developing an enthusiastic and positive VCESS community.  

The Groups Leader Coordinator is responsible for: 

  • overseeing the large Group Leader team and suggesting activities for daily group meetings 

  • organising social tutor meetings before and during the program.  

The Group Leader Coordinator should ideally have previous experience as a Group Leader on the program. The Group Leader Coordinator must also fulfill the duties of a Group Leader. 

Operations Team  

Operations team members assist with the logistics and administration of the program. They must work well under pressure in a team environment, have practised organisation and problem-solving skills, and a high-level of dedication. Operations team members:  

  • ensure spaces are maintained  

  • secure equipment for activities and workshops  

  • ensure classes run according to the timetable   

The Operations Coordinator:  

  • directs and manages the Operations team to assist with logistics and administration  

  • plans and manages key program systems 

  • anticipates and addresses issues as they arise  

Residential Tutors 

The Residential Program is the boarding component of VCESS and accommodates rural and regional students who would otherwise be unable to attend the program. Residential tutors must be responsible, supportive team players with the capacity to respond effectively in high-pressure situations. Residential Tutors:  

  • stay on campus during the program 

  • provide pastoral support and supervision for the residential students 

  • organise and execute the evening residential activities 

The Residential Coordinator:  

  • directs and manages the Residential team to ensure the residential program runs smoothly 

  • liaises with the Directors and the Welfare Team as necessary 

  • fulfills all the duties of a Residential tutor

Tutor Support Officers  

Tutor Support Officers (TSO) are approachable tutors who are willing to be a point of contact for tutors and subject coordinators on teaching strategies, classroom management advice, and general tutoring assistance. Tutor Support Officers are responsible for:  

  • supporting subject booklet development  

  • providing workshops and training for tutor training  

  • observing all new tutors to the program and providing support in developing their skills  

In addition to the responsibilities of a TSO, the TSO Coordinator:  

  • directs and manages the activities of the TSO team 

  • oversees the preparation and delivery of tutor training before the program

Welfare Team  

The Welfare Team ensures the wellbeing of both students and tutors during the program, with a particular focus on mental wellbeing. 

Welfare team members:  

  • are responsible for facilitating an inclusive, supporting and safe environment for all VCESS participants  

  • must adhere to privacy and confidentiality guidelines    

This team includes three Autonomous Representatives who additionally provide specific support to students and tutors of diverse backgrounds. They should collect feedback and notify the Directors of non-inclusionary policies, activities, or incidents on program. These positions include:  

  • Disability and Access Representative 

  • People of Colour (PoC) Representative 

  • Queer Representative 

The Welfare Coordinator directs and manages the activities of the Welfare Team, including rostering, observations and reporting on program. They must also fulfill the duties of a Welfare Tutor. 

Zine Team 

The Zine Team creates a daily VCESS publication that contains a schedule for the day’s events, necessary program information, helpful study tips, and fun activities. Zine Editors:  

  • promote and edit contributions from tutors and students  

  • pitch and develop their own content  

  • produce the final Megazine at the end of the program    

The Zine Coordinator manages the Zine Team, ensuring it functions smoothly and that all deadlines are met. They must also fulfill the duties of a Zine Editor. 

Want to volunteer with us?

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