Household Help

Living away from home? We can help to ease the costs.

Melbourne is an expensive city to live in, whether you live in a share house or college, with friends or alone or if you’re a local or international student. Regardless of your circumstances, we can help you out with freebies and advice.

Household Goods Service

UMSU Welfare’s Household Goods Service offers basic kitchenware and other essentials like plates, cups and cutlery (essential for any student!) all for free! Whether you’ve just moved out of home or are on exchange for just a few months and don’t want to buy a whole lot of new things, come help yourself to as much as you need (really, we have way too much cutlery, please, take it!). The goods are all kept in the Welfare Office on the first floor of Union House (through the Student Representatives door next to the stairs) so come by and say hi. Alternatively, email us at welfare@union.unimelb.edu.au to arrange a time to browse through everything and get some freebies!

Free Vacuum Hire

The UMSU Welfare Vacuum is now available for students to borrow and take home.

Tenancy Disputes

Having trouble with a landlord? It’s vital that you know what your rights are as a tenant when renting. There are many common issues tenants face such as disputes over repairs, bond, rent increases or breaking leases early. Regardless of what your situation is, we recommend you get in touch with the Tenant’s Union of Victoria if ever in need of advice or information, even before you enter into a lease agreement. The TUV Website (www.tuv.org.au) has bountiful resources on all kinds of common (and less common) issues and you can also visit them for appointments for more detailed advice. If you find yourself in a legal dispute with a landlord, Student Housing at Student Services can help you out with tenancy advice. The service is now accessed through Stop 1.

Emergency Accommodation

Many students face the prospect of homelessness during their studies or are forced out of their homes due to various circumstances. The University does offer short term emergency accommodation services to students in these circumstances. This service is provided through the Financial Aid department. Appointments can be made through the Student Advising System, by calling 13MELB or in person at the Baldwin Spencer Building (next to Union House on Tin Alley). Find out more about what the University offers at their website. In addition to emergency accommodation, financial aid can also help give you advice on finding and arranging accommodation, tenancy agreements and disputes and budgeting. They also have a housing noticeboard with rental listings. All this is on the housing services website.

Legal Services

UMSU has a free and confidential community legal service. Find out more by visiting the Legal Service website or by making an appointment. You can either call +618344 8687 to make an appointment or visit the office. The Legal Service is situated on level 3 at Union House. The service hours are: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9AM -1PM.