Drug Safety


When taking drugs, we must accept that there is risk involved. To reduce harm to your health, be knowledgeable about what you’re taking and how to party safely:

  • Do research. Try to know the substance you’re taking as much as possible and the risks involved.  Taking more than one substance at the same time can greatly increase risk. Some drugs have dangerous interactions with others and it’s important to research any potential interactions before mixing drugs.  Everyone’s body reacts different. 
  • Be aware of your water consumption: too little can dehydrate you, but too much can also be dangerous.
  • Stay cool.   Be aware of your body temperature - particularly in hot, crowded environments.   Some drugs cause your body to overheat and this can be dangerous.  If you’re showing signs of overheating, find a nice cool spot to sit down and remove any excess clothes. 
  • Remember to eat a nutritious meal before going out, and to drink and eat salty foods, or electrolyte supplements (hydralyte) after every few hours. This will help your body with energy and keep your electrolytes up.  
  • Try to get some sleep even if it is for a couple of hours each night to give your physical and mental health the best chance at recovery
  • Take (Multi) Vitamins such as those that include magnesium
  • If you start to feel anxious or unwell make sure to tell your friends