Selection Appeals

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Under the University’s Selections and Admissions Policy, prospective students potentially have two (sequential) avenues of appeal for a selection decision:

5.30.   A person who is dissatisfied with a selection decision may lodge a request for review of the decision with the Academic Registrar.

5.31.   A person who is dissatisfied with the outcome of the review conducted by the Academic Registrar may lodge an appeal with the Academic Secretary in accordance with the Student Appeals Policy.

However the very first step is to find out the reasons for the decision you are unhappy with. In order to do this, an applicant should contact the relevant selection staff to understand the selection process, and how their application was determined.

Once you have received feedback about your application, and why it was not successful, you may want advice on the best way forward, and whether there is basis to dispute the decision, by contacting us.

The next step, if you remain aggrieved and where there is a basis to pursue the dispute, is to request a formal review of the decision by the Associate Director of Admissions. To request a formal review, you will need to set out the basis of your concerns.  You should expect a formal response in a reasonable time, allowing for the conduct of a formal investigation. The response to this review should clearly set out the decision and its basis.

If you remain unhappy with the outcome of the review, please contact us, and include all copies of this previous correspondence, so we can advise on the prospects of progressing the matter to an Academic Board Appeal.