Clubs Bystander Intervention Training

The UMSU Sexual Harm and Response Coordinators run workshops with students at the University on Bystander Intervention and Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Assault and Harassment.

Clubs & Societies Training:

These workshops are designed for club leaders and members and cover how to be an active bystander and step in when you see problematic behavior. They also cover how to support a peer who has experienced sexual violence. Workshops are two hours in length.

Workshops will be continuing in 2024 with new dates and registrations opening on this page by mid-february. 

Workshops are compulsory for:

  • At least two committee members, including one executive, from affiliated clubs and societies to complete a Bystander Intervention and Responding to Disclosure training by 2024.
  • Clubs running camps, 1 in 20 student leaders need to have undertaken this training before their camp. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

I'm a GSA Grad Group Leader can I participate?
Yes! UMSU is collaborating with the GSA to deliver these workshops to graduate students. Please register using the form above.

I'm not a Club and Society leader but would like to participate.
Any student at the University of Melbourne can register and participate.

Are there any exemptions for UMSU Clubs and Societies?
If you have completed a similar training and have evidence of this you can send it through to and request an exemption.