Committee Meetings, Notice and Minutes

Each Department of UMSU (apart from Media) has a Committee of 7 students that control the budget and activities of the department. These students are elected at the UMSU elections in September.

These Committees are:

The next meetings of the Committees are listed below.

Committee Next Meeting Documents
Activities TBD Agenda
Clubs and Societies TBD Agenda
Creative Arts TBD Agenda
Disabilities TBD Agenda
Education TBD Agenda
Environment TBD Agenda
Indigenous TBD Agenda
People of Colour 12:30PM, October 17th, OB Space, Level 1 Union House Agenda
Queer 11:00AM, October 18th, OB Space, Level 1 Union House Agenda
Welfare TBD Agenda
Women’s TBD Agenda
Burnley Students’ Association TBD Agenda
Southbank TBD Agenda