Welfare Committee

The aims and objectives of the Welfare Department are:

(a)    to oversee the activities of UMSU in areas related to Student welfare, including but not limited to Student poverty, racism, accessibility constraints, physical and mental health issues, marginalisation, discrimination and harassment;
(b)    to raise awareness of the diversity of Student experiences and ensure UMSU and the University are safe, accessible and respectful of diversity;
(c)    to liaise with Student service providers to ensure that all Students can participate fully in UMSU and the University;
(d)    to raise awareness of support services available for Students facing difficulties; and
(e)    to provide Students with awareness of safe-sex practices and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and to distribute information on sexual health issues.

Current Membership

The Welfare Committee consists of the Welfare Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

Welfare Officers

Michael Aguilera & Cecilia Widjojo (Stand Up!)

Voting Members

Jessica Miller (Stand Up!)

Beiwei Lin (More!)

Jia Lin (Charlene) Ong (Stand Up!)

Andrew Tan (More!)

Joshua Mills (Stand Up!)

Jonas Larsen (More!)

Stephanie Kee (Stand Up!)


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