Student Council Membership

Students’ Council is the paramount governing body of the University of Melbourne Student Union.

There are 15 General Representatives (plus 6 elected representatives for special constituencies – Queer, Indigenous, International, Graduate, Students with Disabilities and Students of Colour), all of whom are elected at the annual student elections in September. Each Office Bearer is additionally a non-voting member of Students’ Council.

Students’ Council General Representatives (in order of election)

The current members of Students’ Council, and the tickets on which they were elected are:

 Mohan Kwatra (Community for UMSU)
 Bella Beiraghi (Left Action)
 Evie Thompson (Stand Up!)
 Sophie Baylis (Rebuild)
 Inderpreet (Community for UMSU)
 Raphael Duffy (Left Action)
 Enzhe (Kevin) Li (Community for UMSU)
 Sam Rathnaweera (Left Action)
 Edward Wu (Community for UMSU)
 Divyanshi Sati (Community for UMSU)
 Ze Ming (Community for UMSU)
 Watey Diep (Community for UMSU)
 Benjamin Cronshaw (Independents for Student Democracy)
 Marcie Di Bartolomeo (Independent Media)
 Isi Ogwu (Community for UMSU)

Membership Changes:

 Ze Ming has resigned from Students' Council. Community for UMSU appointed Kunal Deswani to the position of General Representatives.

 Sophie Baylis has resigned from Students' Council. Rebuild for UMSU appointed Conor Barnes to the position of General Representatives.

Queer Representative on Students’ Council

 Wei Long (Edison) Ngu (Community for UMSU)

Indigenous Representative on Students’ Council

 No Nominations Received

International Representative on Students’ Council

 Luv Golecha(Community for UMSU)

Graduate Representative on Students’ Council

 Nan (Nora) Jiang (Community for UMSU)

Students with Disabilities Representative on Students’ Council

 Sameeksha Mudigere Keshav (Community for UMSU)

Students of Colour Representative on Students’ Council

 Reham Elzeiny (Community for UMSU)