SSAF Breakdown

It's important to remember that we all contribute to the Student Services and Amenities fees every year, and it's understandable to wonder where these fees go and how they benefit you. The good news is that the SSAF payments are all about making YOUR student experience at the University of Melbourne the best it can be.

UMSU receives 37.5% of the SSAF, but we do HUGE things with it. 

Paying your SSAF fee grants you access to valuable online and in-person services that enhance your university experience. UMSU relies on SSAF to provide critical student services, such as food relief, events, student advocacy, lawyers and collective activism.

We operate independently of the University and have a dedicated team of professional staff who support the elected student representatives to provide top-notch services to our members. Together, we work to make the best use of our resources to benefit our members.

We want to ensure that your student experience is a positive and fulfilling one.

How we will spend the 2023 SSAF

Arts and Culture

Arts and Culture encompasses the Rowden White Library, the one library at UniMelb where you DO NOT STUDY, as well as the George Paton Gallery, where student artists showcase their work, and Union House Theatre, where you can watch yours and other students' creative ideas come to life.


Advocacy and Legal

If you have a problem with the uni or the uni has a problem with you, you may need some help. Our Advocacy and Legal Services provide specialist free community assistance for students in need.


Comms and Design

The funds we receive go towards promoting UMSU and the fantastic services, events, and activities we offer. From designing and promoting SummerFest activities to printing informative brochures about your rights, and even publishing our weekly eNews.


Events and Activities

At our events, we offer a range of exciting and meaningful activities that encourage you to participate, connect with others, and enjoy yourself. From Bands and Brunches to WinterFest and SummerFest, we have a variety of events that cater to your interests. Join us for a memorable experience filled with fun, creativity, and activism!


Student Departments

It would be kind of stupid if the student union wasn’t actually run by students, right? There are a bunch of student representatives who work around the clock to ensure the activities and opportunities available to you are as fun and relevant as possible.


Admin and Infrastructure

Bills have to be paid, workspaces sorted, people hired...


Clubs and Societies

Clubs are one of the easiest ways to enjoy some social time at uni. With over 200 UMSU clubs to choose from, there really is something for everyone.



We provide volunteer opportunities where you can make friends, earn real world experience and spruce up your CV.


Student media 

Our student media department produces Farrago Magazine (Australia's oldest student publication) and UMSU's student radio station Radio Fodder.