Indigenous Committee

The aims and objectives of the Indigenous Department according to the Constitution are:

(a)    to ensure the interests of Indigenous Students at the University are determined by Indigenous Students; and

(b)    to ensure the interests of Indigenous Students are effectively represented, advocated and promoted in all aspects, operations and activities of UMSU and the University.

Current Membership

The Indigenous Committee is made up of students who are recorded as being indigenous as evidenced by the roll kept at the Centre for Indigenous Education (Murrup Barak). The Committee consists of the Indigenous Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

Indigenous Officer

Shanysa McConville

Voting Members
Brittney Henderson
Kiara Davies
Lauren Scott
Lillian Ryan
Nathan Hucker
Note: two seats on the Indigenous Committee remain unfilled due to lack of nominations


2021 Minutes

Meeting 1- 16/12/2020

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Meeting 2- 14/01/2021

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Meeting 3- 24/02/2021

Agenda 3(21)

Minutes 3(21)

Meeting 4- 12/03/2021

Minutes 4(21)

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