Queer Committee

The aims and objectives of the Queer Department include:

(a)    to actively increase visibility, awareness and acceptance of the presence of Students of all sexualities and genders on campus;
(b)    to encourage freedom of expression of all sexualities and genders at all levels of the University without fear of harassment or discrimination;
(c)    to combat queerphobic attitudes, violence and expression within UMSU, the University and the community;
(d)    to provide a safe, autonomous and discreet queer space or environment on UMSU premises;
(e)    to provide support to all Students having difficulty with issues of sexuality or gender;
(f)     to provide access to support services available in the wider community to Students seeking sexuality or gender related information or referral; and
(g)    to provide Queer Students with awareness of safe-sex practices and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and to distribute information on sexual health issues.

Current Membership

The Queer Committee is made up of students who identify as those persons who identify as being within the category of Queer. Queer includes, but is not limited to, being same-sex attracted, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, intersex, Trans*, or sex and/or gender diverse. The Committee consists of the Queer Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

Queer Officers

Ciara O’Sullivan & A’ibdah Zaid Shirbeeni (Pride. In [Y]our Collectives)

Voting Members
Eleanor Watson Pride. In [Y]our Collectives
Reece Moir Stand Up!
Karl Pahl-Duffy Pride. In [Y]our Collectives
Natasha Bay Stand Up!
Andoni Fischer Pride. In [Y]our Collectives
Iley Johnson Stand Up!
Grace Bevan Pride. In [Y]our Collectives


2020 Minutes

2019 Minutes

  • Petitioned Meeting – 05/12/2018 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 1(19) – Petitioned Meeting
    Minutes 1(19)
  • Meeting – 05/02/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Minutes 2(19)
  • Meeting – 25/02/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 3(19)
    Minutes 3(19)
  • Meeting – 05/03/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 4(19)
    Minutes 4(19)
  • Meeting – 22/03/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 5(19)
    Minutes 5(19)
  • Meeting – 03/03/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 6(19)
    Minutes 6(19)
  • Meeting – 17/04/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 7(19)
    Minutes 7(19)
  • Meeting – 08/05/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 8(19)
    Minutes 8(19)
  • Petitioned Meeting – 15/05/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 9(19)
    Minutes 9(19) Petitioned
  • Meeting – 22/05/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 10(19)
    Minutes 10(19)
  • Meeting – 18/07/2019 – OB Space Confirmed
    Agenda 11(19)
    Minutes 11(19)

2018 Minutes

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2014 Minutes

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