President's News

President's News — 17 May 2023

“No one left behind”? Statement on Federal Budget.

President's News – 16 May 2023

UMSU stands in solidarity with the Sudanese community and calls for an end for the war in Sudan

President's News — 15 May 2023

Statement from UMSU Queer re: Email from Dean of Arts regarding Fight Transphobia UniMelb stickers

President's News – 21 April 2023

Student Solidarity Pledge with the NTEU

President's News — 21 March 2023

UMSU Education will be running a series of workshop-style panels in the coming weeks called the UMSU Assemblies.

President's News — 13 March 2023

JOIN THE CLIMATE STRIKE, meeting at 12:30pm THIS FRIDAY at South Lawn on the Parkville campus..

President's News — 10 March 2023

Statement – Nauru Detention Centre Re-opening
Content Note: Discussion of detention of Asylum seekers

President's News — 3 March 2023

Student Voice Via Student Representation: UMSU Position on MSF

President's News — 19 October 2022

//CW: Sexual assault and harassment, stealthing, online abuse//

President's News — 6 October 2022

UMSU Stands in Solidarity with Protests Against the Iranian Government

President's News — 2 September 2022

UMSU Stands in Solidarity with the MSA and Monash Muslim Students

President's News — 26 August 2022

Psssst – hey UniMelb, want to improve your QILT score? UMSU’s here to help!

President's News — 12 August 2022

Statement regarding proposed "UMSU Stands with Palestine - BDS and Solidarity Policy".

President's News — 30 June 2022

Statement regarding UMSU Motion on Palestine and consultation process.

President's News — 6 May 2022

Statement regarding 'UMSU stands with Palestine - BDS and Solidarity Policy' motion.

President's News — 29 March 2022

CW: Sexual Assault and Harassment.

President's News — 7 March 2022

A statement from the UMSU President, Women's and Southbank Departments on sexual misconduct at the University of Melbourne.

President's News — 1 March 2022

A statement on Ukraine — UMSU stands in solidarity with Ukraine against current military attacks from Russia.

President's News — 23 February 2022

Validate your vaccination status NOW to avoid de-allocation from your in-person classes!