President News

President's News — 6 May 2022

Statement regarding 'UMSU stands with Palestine - BDS and Solidarity Policy' motion.

President's News — 29 March 2022

CW: Sexual Assault and Harassment.

President's News — 7 March 2022

A statement from the UMSU President, Women's and Southbank Departments on sexual misconduct at the University of Melbourne.

President's News — 1 March 2022

A statement on Ukraine — UMSU stands in solidarity with Ukraine against current military attacks from Russia.


President’s News – 26 August 2021

The President of the Academic Board has resolved that results from Semester 2 2021 will not be included in students’ WAM Calculation if they are below their current WAM benchmark. It is the exact same settings that were in place last year, on the back of UMSU’s initial WAMnesty campaign.

President’s News – 22 October 2021

CW // Discussions of sexual assault and harassment, without explicit detail.

UMSU welcomes the University’s recent Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy as?an important step forward in creating a safer campus.