Disabilities Committee

The aims and objectives of the Disabilities Department include:

(a)  to initiate and coordinate disabilities campaigns, particularly with regard to access   and equity for disabled students;
(b)  to actively increase visibility, awareness, and acceptance of Students with Disabilities on campus;
(c)  to oversee the activities, policy, and direction of UMSU in areas related to promoting the advancement of Students with Disabilities;
(d)  to provide social and community building opportunities for Students with Disabilities;
(e)  to provide advocacy for all Students with Disabilities;
(f)   to provide information about and/or referrals to disability support services and other relevant resources or organisations;
(g)  to liaise with existing student services on campus around issues affecting Students with Disabilities; and
(h)  to increase awareness around the variety of experiences of disability that can affect students throughout their studies, including intersections between disability and gender, class, race, sexuality, and all forms of marginalisation.

Current Membership

The voting Representatives of the Disabilities Committee are elected by enrolled Students who are Students with Disabilities. The Committee consists of the Disabilities Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

Disabilities Officers

Alston Chu & Cassandra Prigg (More!)

Please note: After the removal of Cassandra Prigg from her position as Disabilities Officer for missing 3 consecutive meetings of Students’ Council, the Disabilities Committee met on the 13th of June 2017 to appoint new office bearers. Alston and Cassandra were reappointed into this position. Both Cassandra and Alston have been provisionally elected unopposed in the UMSU by-election for the remainder of 2017.

Voting Members

Russell Wong (Activate) Elected Unopposed

Christian Tsoutsouvas (Activate) Elected Unopposed

Lee Winter (More!) Elected Unopposed

Amy Bartholomeusz (Universal) Elected Unopposed

Dannielle Thorman (Stand Up!) Elected Unopposed

Jacinta Dowe (Stand Up!) Elected Unopposed

James Bashford (Stand Up!) Elected Unopposed


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