Southbank Committee

The aims and objectives of the Southbank Department are:

(a)   to provide a suitable cultural and social climate on campus and create opportunities for, and encourage, the development of social interaction between Students.
(b)   to provide for, protect and develop the interests of Students with regard to financial, social, educational, professional and welfare matters and encourage interest groups and clubs and societies on campus.
(c)   to represent Students’ interests in any matters as deemed necessary or desirable by the Department.
(d)   to provide, or ensure the provision of, facilities and services for the academic support, professional education, refreshment, entertainment, recreation and convenience of Students.
(e)   to occupy and operate premises, which shall be a common meeting place and social centre for Students.
(f)    to assume other such responsibilities and organise and direct such activities as may be deemed appropriate for giving expression to the interests of the Department, or for carrying out any of the objects aforesaid.
(g)  to be represented within UMSU and to cooperate with the Departments of UMSU and contribute to the specified aims and objectives of UMSU.
(h)  to afford a recognised means of communication between students and the authorities of the campus, University, the community at large and other organisations of students.

Current Membership

The voting Representatives of the Southbank Department Committee are elected from Members who are enrolled in a higher education course at the Southbank Campus. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

Southbank Campus Co-ordinator

Ariel Teo (Southbank Students! For UMSU)

Southbank Campus Education Officer 

Felicity Liston (Southbank Students! For UMSU)

Southbank Campus Activities Officer 

Justine Light De Guzman (Southbank Students! For UMSU)

General Committee

Lachlan Spencer

Southbank Students! For UMSU

Jackie Doughty

Southbank Students! For UMSU

Tirion Luff-White

Southbank Students! For UMSU

Talie Helene


2024 Minutes 

Meeting 1 - 11/3/2024 - Confirmed

Minutes 1(24)

Meeting 2 - 1/4/2024 - Confirmed

Minutes 2(24)

Meeting 3 - 15/4/2024 - Confirmed

Minutes 3(24)

Meeting 4 - 29/4/2024 - Confirmed

Minutes 4(24)