Women’s Committee

The aims and objectives of the Women’s Department are:

(a)    to oversee the activities, Policy and direction of UMSU in areas related to promoting the advancement and welfare of Women Students including, but not limited to, education, Student rights, Student representation, equal opportunity, publications and media;

(b)    to promote and assist in the development and maintenance of high quality services within the University that are responsive to the needs of Women Students;

(c)    to advocate for Women within UMSU and the University;

(d)    to organise political, educational and social events which promote feminist debate and action;

(e)    to provide and protect safe, autonomous Women’s space on UMSU premises, and to maintain the materials, facilities and literature therein;

(f)     to provide Women Students with awareness of safe-sex practices and the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, and distributing information on sexual health issues;

(g)    to facilitate a collective to produce the Women’s publication, Judy’s Punch, at least once per year;

(h)    to promote a culture of consent both within and outside sexual contexts

(i)      to ensure the participation of all Women in the activities of the Department, and UMSU generally; and

(j)      to act as a contact for Women Students, providing support, advocacy, information and referral as required.

Current Membership

The Women’s Committee is made up of people who identify as a woman as evidenced in the enrollment records of the University. The Committee consists of the Women’s Officers as non-voting members and 7 voting members. The current members and the tickets they were elected on (if any) are:

Women’s Officers

Srishti Chatterjee & Mickhaella Ermita

Voting Members
Minh Giao (Veronica) Chu Community for UMSU
Anna Olivia Smith Burnett Stand Up!
Tahlia Crossley Community for UMSU
Charlotte Macpherson Stand Up!
Emily Crawford Community for UMSU
Ananya Agarwal Community for UMSU
Comfort Agunbiade Stand Up!


2021 Minutes

Meeting 1(21) – 17/12/2020

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Meeting 2(21)- 27/01/2021

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Meeting 3(21)- 16/02/2021

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