Terms & Conditions


All advertising and promotions are subject to UMSU’s policies. UMSU Inc. may exclude or request amendments to any advertising and promotions to ensure compliance. UMSU Inc. will not be responsible and does not accept liability for loss due to the failure of a promoter where the directions of UMSU have not been met.

Advertising and promotions may be refused if the promotion/advertisement, advertiser/sponsor:

  • contravenes the UMSU Constitution
  • use exploitative or misleading marketing techniques;
  • institutionally exploit workers (for example by using cheap, slave or under-Award labour);
  • operate using sexist or racist attitudes and or practices, including using degrading or sexist advertising images;
  • have militaristic associations or support oppressive governments;
  • cause unwarranted or unnecessary damage to the environment through their operations;
  • operate with a disregard for indigenous peoples claims to the resources that they are exploiting;
  • are cruel to animals, or who practice or support cruelty to animals in their operations;
  • promotes gambling


All prices listed on UMSU Inc. websites and Media Kits are exclusive of GST unless otherwise stated. Booking forms must be filled out with all requirements and relevant details. Confirmation is given on receipt of booking form where all requirements are met and where dates applicable are available. Dates are not guaranteed until UMSU confirms availability. Invoices are issued by UMSU Inc. and payment is due before the advertisement is scheduled, or the promotional stall is held. Artwork (where applicable) must meet the specifications, otherwise it will not be accepted.

Cancellations and changes to bookings

Promo Stalls:

Cancellations and changes to bookings must be requested in writing.

Any cancellations less than five business days prior to the scheduled promotion commencing will incur a 100% cancellation fee.

For SummerFest and WinterFest orientation events, the required notice period extends to two weeks prior to the booked event day. Any cancellation after this time incurs a 100% cancellation fee.

Online and Social Media:

Cancellations and changes to bookings must be requested in writing.

Any cancellations less than five business days prior to the scheduled promotion commencing will incur a 50% cancellation fee.

Any requirement changes are available only if UMSU Inc. can accommodate them within the timeframe given and are subject to logistical availability.


Success of Advertising and Promotion

The success of promotions and advertising remains with the promoter/advertiser. UMSU Inc. takes no responsibility for the success of your promotion.


Additional Terms and Conditions for Promotional Stalls

Public Liability

All stall holders must be covered by their own public liability insurance to a minimum of $5 million. Each stall holder is to supply their current copy of their certificate of currency at booking, and prior to arriving on site.


Space and weather permitting, promoters on campus are welcome to use their own marquee. Appropriate risk assessments must be submitted prior to the promotion. All marquees must be weighted down (no pegs or ground stakes can be used).

During Orientation Week, promoters are supplied a 3x3m marquee, unless prior arrangements or requirements have been made. Clients’ marquees must comply with OH&S standards and UMSU Inc. may cancel the promotion if safety becomes an issue.

Employees of Client

A limit of 4 employees permitted to work at a promotional stall at any time. All employees are bound by the terms and conditions of UMSU Inc. and the University of Melbourne at all times.


Promotional sites are within the boundaries of Union House, South Court, North Court and Union Road, or other sites where booking relates to a specific event (e.g. O Week). Promotional Staff must remain with their promotional stall. Roaming is not permitted. All promotions not in the specified areas may be subject to the University of Melbourne security action.


Wi-Fi is not supplied by UMSU Inc. The client is to organise their own internet connection.


Limited access to power is available, and only when requested at the time of booking. All electrical equipment (including power boards and leads) must display a current tag of inspection compliance (must be tested and tagged by a qualified electrician AS/NZS3760:2001), or be in new packaging.


If serving food from their stall, the promoter is solely responsible for ensuring they meet all relevant laws and regulations in regards to food service. Please observe food handling regulations. If serving food you must hold a Safe Food Handling Certificate. All food must be stored in grade quality containers, at appropriate temperatures.


No alcohol is permitted during any promotion, and all areas are classed as Dry Zones.

First Aid

Union House operates a first aid attendant roster during business hours, located at the Information Desk, Ground Floor, Union House. For all other areas, security staff can be contacted on campus and are first aid trained. Please report all injuries, accidents and near misses to security.