Regulations and Policy

UMSU Constitution

The UMSU Constitution is the document that provides the governing framework for UMSU as an incorporated association representing students at the University of Melbourne.

Current Regulations

Clubs & Societies Regulations (last amended 01.09.23)

UMSU Electoral Regulations (last amended 12.07.23)

Publishing Regulations (last amended 29.09.21)

UMSU Financial Regulations (last amended 22.01.20)
Plain Language Guide to Requesting funds from Whole of Union Line

UMSU Regulations for Student Representatives (last amended 22.01.20)

UMSU Standing Orders (last amended 22.01.20)

Council Charter (last amended 22.01.20)

Additionally, UMSU International Regulations can be found here.

Current Policy

Acceptable Conduct Policy

Advisory Groups Policy (last amended 17.12.13)

Alcohol Policy

Asset Policy (effective 10.03.23)

Child Safety Policy (effective aug. 2023)

Communication and Marketing Policy

Conflicts of Interest Policy (adopted 24.05.18)

Electronic Tablet Policy

Ethical Sponsorship and Advertising Policy

Harm Reduction Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Interaction Protocols & Policy

Investment Policy

Privacy Policy

Procurement and Use of Credit Card Policy & Procedures

Referring Grievances in C&S (adopted 12.11.15)

Social Media Policy (5.10.2021)

Student Media Policy (29.9.2021)

Travel and Conferences Policy (adopted 26.04.18)

Volunteering Policy (adopted 13.10.23)