Judy's Punch

Judy’s Punch is the annual UMSU Women’s Department publication, first produced in 1986. It is a magazine made by and for women and non-binary students from the University of Melbourne.

The theme for the 2021 Edition of Judy’s Punch is Collectivism. Care. Cottagecore.

Eighteen months into COVID-19, the need for escapism is inevitable, and maybe well-deserved. Judy’s Punch 2021 wants to explore one of the more popular forms of escapism that emerged in 2020/2021; cottagecore. It’s not all mushroom foraging and baking sourdough, so when we delve deeper into it, what is cottagecore? How about escapism through all forms? Transcend, transcend, transcend! In a pandemic hellscape, nothing matters. Centre yourselves by immersing in the creative process, and being inspired by the only thing we truly have left – our connection to nature and our communities. Live in the mudbrick cottage of your dreams for a minute. Become the dark academic surrounded by tapered candles you’ve always wanted to be. This is the space for it. Whether you need it to mean – care, nurturing, warmth, daydreaming, nostalgia or peace, reach into your Cottagecore needs. It can mean what you need it to mean, to preserve yourself, and your communities. 

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Past Editions

Want to have a look at editions from the last few years? There may be some hard copies left in the Women’s Room, and you can view them online here: