Judy's Punch

Judy’s Punch is the annual UMSU Women’s Department publication, first produced in 1986. It is a magazine made by and for women and non-binary students from the University of Melbourne.

The theme for the 2022 Edition of Judy’s Punch is "Through the Looking Glass".

In a world of dichotomies and binaries, our collective existence beyond categories and simple labels is brought to the forefront of discussion in 2022. The need to explore the in-between and the freedom to look within and without is encouraged as we peer inside the looking glass of this year’s Judy’s Punch. Not confined to the realm of identity politics, peering into the strange and the maddening can inspire creativity, revolution, the epiphanies of rage and desire, and an examination of the spaces we inhabit. Look into the hole in the wall and pick at the drywall: what’s on the other side? Who’s the person staring back at you in the mirror? What’s swirling in the space behind their spiralling irises? This theme allows for movement into the unknown and the all-too-familiar. Let us walk the journey with you. Judy’s Punch 2022 wants to shatter the glass and find you waiting on the other side. So what are you waiting for? Look through the looking glass and tell us what awaits us, whatever that may be.

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Past Editions

Want to have a look at editions from the last few years? There may be some hard copies left in the Women’s Room, and you can view them online here: