The UMSU Disabilities department hosts workshops throughout the year to bring in expert speakers and provide students with important resources.

Here you’ll find some resources from our recent workshops.

Australian Network on Disabilities Info Workshop

Uni Engagement – Stepping Into and PACE Info Session


Accessing Employment Workshop – 6 October

This workshop focussed on how to connect students living with disability with employers through the Stepping Into Internships and the PACE mentoring programs.

Disability Confident Programs – click here to download PDF
Why Get Involved in PACE Mentoring – click here to watch video
Listen to the workshop audio recording here:

Disability Rights Seminar – 10 October

Led by Jax Jacki Brown, this special seminar explored the disability rights movement and how it can be used as a tool for social change, activism and disability pride.

Unpacking the Social Model of Disability and Disability Rights – click here to download PDF

Listen to the audio recording here: