What is Psychosis?

Psychosis is a term used to describe conditions that affect the mind, where a person has experienced some loss of contact with reality. People with psychosis may find it difficult to know what is real, and misinterpret or be confused about what is happening around them.

Symptoms of psychosis can include:

  • Changes in thinking where thoughts can become confused, making it difficult to concentrate, speak clearly, follow a conversation, or remember things. A person experiencing psychosis can also hold false beliefs (delusions), like being watched, or being famous.
  • Changes in perception (hallucinations), which involve seeing or hearing things that seem very real to the person experiencing psychosis, but are not sensed by other people.
  • Changes in emotions where someone can experience mood swings, feel strange and disconnected from the world, or feel less emotional than others.
  • Changes in behaviour where a person behaves differently from the way they usually do. For example, someone may react inappropriately, or show changes in their appetite, motivation or energy levels. While an experience of psychosis can be scary and confusing, it’s important to remember that psychosis is treatable, and most people make a full recovery. With the right support, people with psychosis are fully capable of completing their studies and finding employment with support. Seeking help as early as you can is the most important step you can take in reclaiming control of your life.

Support for Psychosis

This page contains a list of support groups, online forums phone lines, and informational services local to Australia:

This page contains information for careers, friends, and loved ones of a person with psychosis:

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