BIPOC Grants Program

Supporting You

  • Are you a student of colour?
  • Do you have an idea that will make the University of Melbourne student experience even better than it already is?
  • Are you itching to get this program off the ground but need some funding to start?
  • Well, the BIPOC Grants Program is for you!

In order to engage more extensively with students of colour and acknowledge the breadth of their work, the department will be setting aside $1,000 for grants (2 grants of up to $500 each). These grants allow students of colour to plan and deliver a project that benefits other students in their academic cohort or the wider student community. Stay tuned for a chance to apply for a grant!

BIPOC Grants Application Process

Eligibility Criteria:
  • Individual grant applicants must be currently enrolled University of Melbourne students. If the application is for a group project, at least 75% of the group must be University of Melbourne students; this shall apply unless the Committee deems special circumstances warrant an exception (e.g. training is to be provided to University of Melbourne students).
  • All grant applicants must identify as bla(c)k, indigenous, and/or a person of colour.
  • SSAF legislation dictates that any SSAF funded activity must contribute to the student experience; the planned event or initiative must be within the aims and objectives of the UMSU People of Colour Department.
  • All material for the event, project, or initiative must acknowledge receipt of any grant funds provided by UMSU. Copies must be given to the relevant Officer. i.e. Students must display the UMSU logo at the event or in advertising to be eligible for the grant.
  • Grant funds cannot be used to promote sexism, racism, queer or homophobia, militarism, or religious or political discrimination.
  • Grants will not be approved retrospectively in any circumstance; the planned event or initiative must be in the future.
How to apply:
  1. Complete the attached BIPOC Grants Program Application Form.

  2. Attach to the application (preferably in the same document):

    • other documents relevant to our understanding of your project

    • the expected budget for the project, and

    • the timeline of the project,

  3. Submit a draft of your application as a PDF or Word doc, via email, to the People of Colour Officers at with the following title as a template: PROJECT NAME – BIPOC GRANTS PROGRAM APPLICATION DRAFT– 2023.

  4. Attend a preliminary consultation with the UMSU People of Colour Officer prior to submitting the final grant application.

  5. Submit your final application via the submission portal below.

Please note the deadline for any applications is 15th of October 2023

Application Submission: