Racism at Unimelb Report

Read the report here

This report was written based on a survey run between 26th of October to 2nd of November which informed the People of Colour department of the areas that students are affected in the most and the stories behind each experience. This report is written to center and focus on students’ stories rather than statistics or numbers, and this is how the report should be interpreted.

Please take care when reading this report as it has some disturbing stories. it’s quite painful to read the report knowing this is what students go through and the impact it has on BIPOC students and their access to education.

There are 11 recommendations made to the university which should be areas that the 2030 anti-racism action plans should focus on, there are several recommendations made to UMSU in the way they operate and how to improve on their operational functions. I hope that future officers will be able to work on the implementation of these recommendations and conduct a survey in future years.

This report was accepted by Student’s council on 19/11/2021 and adopted by the People of Colour Committee on 22/11/2021, minutes of both meetings are available on the UMSU website