The Ability Issue

The Ability issue: Edition One

The UMSU Disabilities Department is proud to introduce its first publication, The Ability Issue. We produced it on stolen lands of the Wuridjeri people of the kulin nation, and we recognise our privilege to be living and working here. The Disability Department has produced this issue with the effort and help of students who are legally blind, have limited hearing, are neurodivergent, and have physical and mental disabilities; and it's not surprising to find out that we're good at this shit, too. Living in a world built for people who are 'average,' is hard for those of us who don't fit the mould. We are not standard edition. That makes us overwhelmingly more interesting. So we wanted to tell our stories. Here they are. Deal with it. Thanks for reading. 


Image of the magazine's cover with text that reads "The ability issue, Edition one, 2023."

Introducing: The Ability Issue #1

A content warning, an Acknowledgement of Country, and an Introduction to the team that made this happen.

Our mascot, Owlfie, extending one wing in a welcoming gesture


A word from the Editorial team

Officers' Report

A half tongue in cheek, half sincere overview of this year in the department

Owlfie, our mascot, with one wing outstretched, joyfully immerses in music, donning a dark pair of h

The Disabilities Department

An overview of our department, our mascot, and how to find us

An illustration of a grey castle with its drawbridge down

When The Drawbridge Falls

A bamboo potted plant is positioned to the left of a chair. A clock sits on the wall above the chair

He Noticed I Like the Corner Seat

By Della Johnston

A pair of cabaret masks. To the left, a lively yellow mask adorned with a red ribbon exudes laughter

"How are you?"

By Matthew Denipitiya

A sleeping mask and a spoon (to represent the concept of 'spoons' in energy management for those wit

Snooze VR: A Review

By Eleanore Arnold-Moore

Image of fireworks

A haiku about autism


My Experience with Sensory Processing Difficulties as an Autistic Person

steampunk heart graphic


Sad to happy transitioning faces

Are you happy now?

A sunflower stalk stands tall, showcasing a ladder of 7 green leaves that ascend gracefully to brigh

Helianthus / Sunflowers

outstretched hand laced in flowers and vines


Image of colourful confetti

The Kiss of Remission

CAMP Excerpts - Queers &Disabilities Featured Artist

Critiquing and Resisting the Medical Construction of Sexist Bodily Norms: A Transfeminist Approach

An Excerpt: read more in CAMP or on our website

Hearing loss cartoon

‘Huh?’ and Seek

My Experience in Uncovering Hidden Hearing Loss

Mock ADHD Detention slip

ADHD Advice Slip

camping tent in pine trees and a campfire

A Hot Land with Pines:

Remembering Judy Heumann, Camp Jened and the Disability Civil Rights Movemen

A cropped image of door handles, with text above that reads "OCD instruction manual"

Just Right: My Experience with OCD

Three pieces of artwork: 'OCD Instruction Manual', 'On Off', and 'Transformed'