Women's Collectives

Looking to make friends, find a community and get active in feminist action on campus? Come on down to one of our collectives! There’s free food, exciting activities and fun times to be had by all – just follow our social media to keep up to date on times throughout semester!

Please note that Women’s Collectives are safe spaces. To make sure all students are safe and comfortable, it is important to remember that transphobia, racism, ableism, classism, fatphobia and misogyny as well as any other type of discrimination not listed are not welcome. If you engage in any disrespectful behaviour, the host of the collective has the right to remove you.

All of our collectives will be held in the Women's Room (Room 306, Level 3, Building 168).

Before coming, please make sure to read up about the Women’s Room and our Safe Space policy. We hope to see you there!

  • Women and Enbies Collective
    • This is a collective for everyone who identifies as a woman, non-binary or gender diverse person.
      • Dates - Semester One 2023: 2pm AEDT on 1/03, 15/03, 29/03, 19/04, 3/05, 17/05
  • Women and Enbies of Colour Collective
    • This is a collective for people of colour who identify as a woman, non-binary or gender diverse person.
      • Dates - Semester One 2023: 4pm AEDT on 8/03, 22/03, 5/04, 26/04, 10/05, 24/05
  • Women and Enbies in the Workplace Collective
    • Are you a woman, non-binary or gender diverse student wanting to explore different fields and build connections? Do you want advice on how to stand up for yourself and your peers while at work? If yes, this collective is the place for you! From study skills to info nights on different careers, this monthly collective is your one stop shop to navigating the workplace as a woman, non-binary or gender diverse person.
  • Feminist Action Collective 
    • The Women's Department is an activist department at heart, and we need your help to keep it that way. This collective aims to give women, non-binary and gender diverse students on our campus a strong voice and skills in activism.
  • Judy's Punch Collective
    • Judy's Punch is the Women's Department's annual magazine - designed, edited and written by women, non-binary and gender diverse students. These collectives will be chill sessions where you can workshop ideas, writing and art with others.