Zero Tolerance for Zero Action

CW// Mention of sexual assault and harassment, stealthing, online-abuse//

2023 Campaign 

Enough is enough. There is no room for victim-blaming at the University of Melbourne.  UMSU called on the University to take immediate action to amend their Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response Policy in line with the new Affirmative Consent Law in Victoria. 

We demanded:

  1. That the University of Melbourne updates their definition of consent, and rather defines it as “affirmative consent,” with the same inclusions listed within updated Victorian law. 
  2.  That the University of Melbourne amends policy to include stealthing.
  3. That online image-based abuse is defined within policy, with deepfakes, taking, sharing or threatening to share images or videos without consent included within this.

Students were united and sought a policy that was committed to prioritising a victim/survior-centred approach which put justice and safety at first. VIEW THE COMPLETED PETITION HERE.

Support Resources

If this letter brings up any concerns for you, please reach out to the following supports:

  • Sexual Assault Crisis Support Line (24/7): 1800 806 292
  • 1800 Respect (24/7): 1800 737 732
  • UMSU Sexual Harm and Response Coordinators  

The UMSU Sexual Harm and Response Coordinators provide support with making complaints to the University, reporting to the police, and appropriate referrals to therapeutic services. Contact them via their webpage:

  • University of Melbourne, Safer Community Program

Provides advice and support to University of Melbourne students who have been affected by sexual violence and harassment: