Women’s Resources

Trigger warnings are important to ensure that people won’t be subjected to anything that might be harmful to their wellbeing.

If you are ever posting anything in our online discussion spaces that could potentially be sensitive, we ask that you either use a trigger warning or content warning.

Example: TW: (list potential triggers)

Use the dashes so that the content you are posting will appear under ‘Read More’.

If you are linking an image or article:

TW: …… Link/Image in the comments

If you are unsure you can ask people if they believe it should be trigger warned for anything else.

Resources and Websites

We have compiled a number of websites for people who would like to do some more research:

  • https://www.facebook.com/notes/the-umsu-womens-department/directory/10153896285524729
  • Guerrilla Feminism has a digital activist resource centre with links relating to more information:
  • http://www.guerrillafeminism.org/guerrilla-feminist-digital-activist-resource-center/