If you don't know what a collective is, it's basically a regular meeting based on a shared identity or purpose. Rest assured, most of the Queer Department's collectives are pretty casual and are great places to hang out and meet new people. Don't feel pressured to attend every time too - just drop in when you can!

These are the collectives we will be running in Semester 2, 2023. More information on date, times and locations will be updated when semester starts!

  • QUEER LUNCH will be held on Wednesdays 12:30 pm on Concrete Lawn, starting Week 2 on 2/8!!
  • AROMANTIC/ASEXUAL COLLECTIVE will be held on Fridays 2 pm in Room 101, Building 189, starting Week 2 on 4/8!!
  • TRANS COLLECTIVE will be held on Mondays 12 pm in Room 101, Building 189, starting Week 3 on 7/8!!
  • QUEER PEOPLE OF COLOUR COLLECTIVE will be held on Fridays 11 am in Room 101, Building 189, starting Week 2 on 4/8!!
  • QUEER X SOUTHBANK COLLECTIVE will be held on Mondays 12:30 am in Betwixt Cafe on Weeks 3, 6 and 9!!
  • G&T's with the LGBT'S is back every other Wednesday from 6 pm to 8 pm in Student Kitchen, Level 4, Student Pavilion, starting Week 3 on 9/8!!

All are welcome! Email if you have any queer-ies.