UMSU Southbank Committee 2021


Will Hall (he/him):

Hey, I’m Will! I’m a second-year Acting student hailing from the pastoral hamlet of Berry, NSW. My love for unionism is as unwavering as my frown is constant. But don’t let that fool you! I love a good laugh and I’m really approachable. 🙂


Leyla Moxham (she/her/they):

Second-year painting student. I want to work with students to ensure our union is actively pursuing matters which reflect the values of our student population at Southbank. I come from a long lineage of oyster farmers.


Jamie Kim (she/her):
I want to break down the walls between Parkville and Southbank because it
makes me sad that many don’t know what happens here. I like learning languages and I’m currently learning Spanish (#4)!


Nicholas “Nick” Currie (he/him/they), second-year Painting:

This year I’m keen to see a genuine student community of BIPOC, First Nations
and gender diverse students grow. I accidentally bought size 17 shoes online yesterday and I have to return them.

Jenny Le (she/her), second year Design and Production:

I want to create a strong sense of community between disciplines at Southbank. I’ve recently taken up crocheting.

Max Bowyer (he/him), third-year Production student:

I want to help create a much more intertwined campus, both socially and academically, and support each other. The Ring Cycle Part 1 is the first opera I’ve ever seen.

Hannah Bowles (She/her), third-year Musicology student:

If you have any problems at the con come rant to me and I’ll rant back and then we’ll use the sexy process of unionisation to get changes.

Mia Boonen (she/her), third-year Theatremaker:

I’d love for the union to be a place that is responsive and adaptive to the students it represents and a team that people feel like they can turn to no matter what. I have a bedazzled walking stick whose name is Sheree.

Nicola Ingram (she/her), third-year Actor.

I’m part of the union because I’m into student support, in particular First Nations students because I’m a Palawa/Wiradjuri woman. I’m from Tassie!

Annalyce Wiebenga (she/her), voice and Musicology student:

Properly connecting the campuses and the union and pursuing the implementation of consent-training workshops are key goals for me in 2021. I’ve played one game of Dungeons and Dragons where I killed a dude by calling him ugly.


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