Meet the Team


Alex Birch (he/him):

I’m Alex, a third year Jazz and Improv student studying guitar, and I am one of your Campus coordinators for UMSU Southbank. If you need to contact me my email is

Nina Mountford (she/they):

Hi! I’m Nina, a second year Theatre student and UMSU Southbank Campus co-coordinator! I’m so excited to meet and chat with you and help students to fight for what matters to them. Student unionism has such a rich history at UniMelb and it’s so important to have a say in your education, so do reach out if you have any questions, issues, ideas or just want to get involved and aren’t sure where to start! My email is



Jack Doughty (he/him):

Hi!! I’m in my second year studying Jazz piano and am your Southbank Activities officer. I’m looking forward to see you at our social events, around campus, or in our office! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us, or drop me an email flexing your Wordle scores.



Xiaole Zhan (she/her):
Hey hey! I’m Xiaole (she/her), a third year Composition major and the Southbank Education Officer. I’m so excited to get to know you all and see the amazing art that you make during your time at Southbank. Feel free to drop me a message at if you have any questions/issues concerning your courses. I’m here to help you feel supported in your studies and point you in the right direction if you need extra help! You’ll see me around at our many awesome UMSU Southbank events we have planned for the year. 



Elliot Wood (he/they), third-year Music Theatre:

I joined the union because I’m passionate about student power and promoting equity for all students across the campus, and I’m super excited at the prospect of interdisciplinary interaction and collaboration! Jacinda Ardern is on my Instagram close friends story. She doesn’t follow me or anything, but just in case she happens upon my Instagram, she’ll get some great content. You never know.

Jenny Le (she/her), second year Design and Production:

I am passionate about creating a strong sense of community and support for all students at Southbank. I’m always up for a chat about anything from my latest knitting project to your favourite lunch spot on campus!

Zodie Bolic (she/her), second-year Dance:

I’m excited for a truly fabulous return to campus in 2022, while making sure all students across all disciplines can access the support they need! I once won a year’s supply of Tim Tams.

Taylor White (She/her), second-year Dance:

I’m part of the union because I believe the most effective change for students is created by the students themselves. I want to help everyone feel interconnected after the very disconnected years we’ve just had.

Sam Blunn (she/her), second-year Theatre:

I’m very excited to bring everyone back to campus in 2022. Let’s connect the different cohorts and bring a sense of fun back into our study!