Meet the Team


Annalyce Wiebenga (she/her):
Hey, I’m Annalyce (she/her)! I just finished my Honours year in Classical Voice with a minor thesis. I’m excited to continue rebuilding on-campus activity while keeping all of us safe, supported and nourished. Happy to chat about any questions or concerns you have about your time at uni, no matter how big or small. My email is

Jack Doughty (they/them):
Hey! I’m Jack, I go by they/them, and I’m one of your Southbank Coordinators this year! I’m in my third year studying Jazz and Improvisation, and hoping to go into further study of musicology/ethnomusicology. Feel free to come say hi to me at one of our BBQs or events this year and to ask me any questions you have about UMSU, the Southbank campus, your rights as a student, or seizing the means of production 😉 You can reach me at



Helen Shen (she/her):
Hi! My name’s Helen (she/her)! I'm currently studying a Masters in Music and am excited to be your Southbank Activities officer this year! I hope to see you at our events and programs around campus. Feel free to reach out to any of us via email (mine is, or come see us at our office on Level 2.



Zodie Bolic (she/her):
Hello! I'm Zodie (she/her), a third year Dance student and this year’s Education Officer for Southbank! If you have any issues, questions, concerns or queries regarding your course throughout the year please drop me a message at I’m here to help in any way I can, whether that is raising course issues on your behalf or simply pointing you in the correct direction. Looking forward to seeing you on campus in 2023!