UMSU Sexual Assault and Harassment Working Group

This working group is made of representatives from various UMSU Departments. We meet regularly to discuss issues related to Safety on Campus, and collect feedback from other autonomous departments and student representatives on how to best represent and reflect on student experiences in the various University committees that we sit on – like the Respect Advisory Group and the Community of Practice.

The voting members of the UMSU Sexual Assault and Harassment Working Group are elected representatives at UMSU, but this meeting is open to all UMSU students, to come and be a part of our discussions.

If you want to register and have the agenda sent out to you – email us at

Current membership:

  • Chair: Ngaire Bogemann
  • Co-Chair: Alessandra Soliven
  • UMSU Office Bearers:
    • Kimmy Ng (Clubs & Societies), Savier D'Arsie-Marquez (Creative Arts), Xiaole Zhan (Media), Mohamed Hadi (People of Colour), Leslie Ho (Queer), Zodie Bolic (Southbank)
      • Two positions vacant
  • UMSU International Office Bearers:
    • Jaqueline Marshiela
      • Two vacant
  • Students' Council Representatives: 
    • Three vacant
  • Support Officers: Lauren Kingsley and Naomi Smith

Meeting schedule for 2023 to be uploaded once finalised

Past Minutes of the Working Group:


  • 1(22) - 31/12/21
  • 2(22) - 31/01/22
  • 3(22)28/02/22
  • 4(22) - 18/03/22


  • 1(20) 22nd July 2020 (Confirmed)
  • 2(20) 21st August 2020 (Confirmed)
  • 3(20) 1st of September  2020 (Confirmed)
  • 4(20) 15th September 2020 (Confirmed
  • 5(20) 29th September 2020 (Confirmed)
  • 6(20) 20th of October (Confirmed)